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Singer-Songwriter Karianne Jean Discusses The Inspiration Behind Her New Single

Aspiring country singer-songwriter Karianne Jean, originally from Palmdale, California, has been rather busy over the last few months as she gets her career as an artist underway. She just came out with a new single (Cactus) and is working towards…

Aspiring country singer-songwriter Karianne Jean, originally from Palmdale, California, has been rather busy over the last few months as she gets her career as an artist underway.

She just came out with a new single (Cactus) and is working towards an EP as she continues to adjust to her big move to Nashville, Tennessee. Learn how to know if you re tone deaf because it’s very important if you want to be a musician to have a good hearing.

She spoke with us last Wednesday afternoon regarding her music career, the inspiration behind Cactus and what Nashville is like compared to her hometown:

Music-Overload: Hey Karianne, thanks for speaking with us today. Can you start out by telling us a bit about your musical background and what first got you on the path to a career in music?

Karianne Jean: “My mom is a really good singer. She plays gigs around town for conventions and events. She was classically trained so she kind of trained me. Starting when I was around two years old I was always singing to Disney movies, and I started writing songs by the time I was 12 years old.

Also, my dad’s been in bands, and my grandpa––in the most amazing way––sounds like Frank Sinatra. So I came from music and was kind of always around it growing up, and it never really hit me to do anything else besides that.”

M-O: You grew up in California, and just recently made the big move across the country to Nashville, TN. How’s the adjustment been for you so far?

Karianne: “It’s been great. I’ve met and have been interacting with a lot of really good people, and have been doing a lot of co-writing, which is something that’s new to me. I’m used to writing by myself. So that’s been a lot of fun.

The weather has actually taken an adjustment because for the last year my boyfriend and I lived in Studio City, which is upper Hollywood/LA area, and there’s like no weather there at all. But here I’ve seen plenty of rain so far.”

M-O: Being in Nashville now, rather than California, do you see it as a challenge in terms of making it in the country music industry with everyone going after the same goal? Or do you see it more as a chance to collaborate with others?

Karianne: “I think it’s more of an opportunity. For me, I was living in California and there isn’t a passion for country music there. You don’t walk around and meet people that want to play that music. And that’s where my heart was. I feel like with internet you’re always on a national platform, so you’re competing with the same people anyways. The community has been very welcoming so far.

I see it as a chance to collaborate, and all the best people are together here in Nashville. Anything in the music industry is going to be a challenge, but as far as living in Nashville I definitely think it’s been great to be able to dive into the community and become as much of a part of it as I can.”

M-O: In terms of your songwriting. Do you have a specific process when writing songs, or does it tend to vary from song-to-song?

Karianne: “It definitely varies. I’m usually more lyrical than anything. The words will come to me first most of the time, but there’s been many songs that I decided I wanted to write and I just sit down at the Piano Lessons In My Home and see what comes to me. If I get a good feeling to what I’m playing, I’ll put words to it. But most of the time when inspiration hits me that’s when I have my strongest songs. And that usually happens with lyrics and a melody, rather than a chord progression.”

M-O: You just released a new single titled Cactus. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the song?

Karianne: “Absolutely. Cactus kinda came to me while visiting my hometown of Palmdale. After being gone for a long time, I was just stopping by the grocery store on my way to my friend’s house and I was just struck with nostalgia. It just seemed like everything was still the same, and it all took me back to where I was when I lived there (growing up). So that comes with its own obstacles.

When I wrote this song, I sent the melody and the lyrics to my co-writer and he really liked it. I just hope that it gives people some inspiration for overcoming the obstacles you’re faced with.”

M-O: Do you have any upcoming shows or projects you’re currently working on that you’d like to share with the readers?

Karianne: “Yeah I’m writing a lot. Writing a lot. Multiple songs are being done each week, so I’m definitely working hard on that. I’m working towards an EP, and am in talks/negotiations with a company and I’m hoping that it all pans out. And if it does, an EP should be out very shortly.”


For updates on any future shows, you can check out Karianne’s website here or follow her on social media (links below). She’s always active on social media (she says “especially Twitter“), and is always keeping her fan-base engaged and up-to-date with everything and anything in both her life and music career:



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