Radio Personality Brooke Taylor Speaks About her Career at Radio Disney & the Arthur Ashe Kids Day Event

On Thursday, Radio Disney radio personality Brooke Taylor, who is currently in New York City preparing to host the Arthur Ashe Kids Day event to kick off the U.S. Open, was kind enough to take time out of her busy…

On Thursday, Radio Disney radio personality Brooke Taylor, who is currently in New York City preparing to host the Arthur Ashe Kids Day event to kick off the U.S. Open, was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to speak with us regarding her radio career and tell us a little bit about the AAKD event she’s hosting.

Music-Overload: We’d like to start out by asking you how you got your start in radio, and what led you to working with Radio Disney?

Brooke Taylor: “I basically started in radio when I was a student in college. I worked at my college radio station, and really wasn’t sure if that was something I wanted to do. And then once I moved home to Florida my younger sisters both told me there is a local radio station that is hiring for a night host position, you should go out for it. I went and applied for the position, and basically what happened is two weeks after I applied they called me back and had me come in for an interview. I pretty much started out voice checking and doing all the Facebook stuff as an intern for the radio station, and a couple weeks after that they put me on the night shift.

So I worked for that station––105.3 in Gainesville, Florida––for about a year and a half. Throughout that I was doing a lot of the social media stuff, getting to know other on-air personalities and just getting a vibe for how my sound was and how I could be a better radio personality. I was sending all my demos and air checks to anybody that would listen to them, and they’d give me feedback and tell me what they thought. I ended up getting a call from a guy in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and he really wanted me to come in for an interview. So I thought ‘wow, I live in Florida, where all my family is, and that’s all the way up in Indiana. This is crazy.’ But I went up and did an interview there, came home with a job offer, put in my two weeks and packed my car up and moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana two weeks later.

I worked in Indiana for two years, and the same sort of thing happened: I was contacted by Radio Disney, and flew out to L.A. to do an interview, came home with a job offer and I ended up doing the same thing. I had made Fort Wayne my home, but I had gotten this dream job offer that I couldn’t refuse. So I packed up my car and drove out to L.A. and have been there ever since.”

M-O: So how long have you been with Radio Disney now?

Brooke: “I’ve been at Radio Disney since April of last year.”

M-O: Over the last few years you’ve been able to do a lot of different things, and meet different people, with your job. What are some of your most memorable interviews and/or events?

Brooke: “I would say the very first day on the job at Radio Disney is one of my most memorable moments so far. It was the 2014 Radio Disney Awards––that was my very first day on the job. So I was just shadowing everybody, and seeing what everyone was doing. So it was basically me being immersed into the business. Working at such smaller markets I didn’t really get to see the Pharrell’s and Jennifer Lopez’s of the world, so being at a concert where Ariana Grande and Shakira were performing was very eye-opening to me. ‘wow, this is my new job.’ So that was definitely my most memorable at Radio Disney, and obviously this year working it and being an actual part of Radio Disney, interviewing big-named artists. It has been really cool.”

M-O: Right now you’re in New York City preparing for this weekend’s Arthur Ashe Kids Day event. Can you tell us a little bit about the event?

Brooke: “Yes, the Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the U.S. Open, and basically it’s a big concert and a kick-off for the whole event (U.S. Open). I’m co-hosting the main stage, so there’ll be performances by Jacob Whitesides, Bea Miller, American Authors is going to be here, Natalie La Rose, and basically we’re just getting the crowd ready for the big event. We have some games we’re going to play during the two hour event, as well. It’s going to be airing on ESPN2 on Sunday at 1 P.M. (eastern time). It’s pretty much a way for us to celebrate Arthur Ashe and his work, and inspiring kids to not give up on their dreams.”

M-O: It sounds like a pretty big event for you. How do you usually prepare for events such as this?

Brooke: “We got here a couple days early so we can read through the script a couple of times, tweak things that need to be fixed, and really just go over the show’s flow with the talent and with other artists that are going to be here. All the prep for events like this is just getting here a couple days early and going through the show and obviously having all the background information on the artists we are interviewing. For big events like this, that’s usually all the prep I have to do, otherwise, for just a normal radio show we’d be responsible for all of our interview questions and what we’re going to talk about with artists. That usually takes about an hour of prep time.”

M-O: We just have one last question for you. Considering we’re a music site, what kind of music do you typically enjoy listening to most?

Brooke: “My favorite type of music is country. I grew up in the south so I listen to a lot of Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen, Luke Bryan’s my favorite, and I also love Reba McIntyre, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, they’re all people I grew up listening to.”

You can check out Brooke on social media, and find more information about this weekend’s Arthur Ashe Kids Day festivities with the links we’ve provided with you below:

Brooke on Twitter
Brooke’s Website

Radio Disney
Arthur Ashe Kids Day

Photo: Brooke’s official Instagram account

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