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  1. Daniel Vitarelli


    Everyone has a price?

    Hands up,
    we are the Thief !!!

    Music, Rock, Politics, Freedom of Expression
    Technological !!!

    Bass, Drums and Guitar !!!

    Power Trio consisting of:

    Daniel -Drums / Voice / Samples
    Farrah – Guitar / Voice
    Formiga – Bass

    Out assault …
    “Stealing Melodies Beats & Grooves”
    Honestly !!!

    Video -
    Music: O Preço
    Band: Ladrão
    Daniel Vitarelli (Drums and Vocals)
    Formiga (Eletric Bass)
    Farrah (Eletric Guitar)

    Direction: Thiago Fraga

    Music “O Preço” Mix por Pedro Garcia.


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