Eppic Talks About His Biggest Songwriting Influence & His Upcoming EP

Hip-Hop artist and songwriter Eppic, from Colorado, has built up quite the fan base over the last few years and has been working on an upcoming EP. In addition to writing and recording his own original songs, Eppic has collaborated with…

Hip-Hop artist and songwriter Eppic, from Colorado, has built up quite the fan base over the last few years and has been working on an upcoming EP. In addition to writing and recording his own original songs, Eppic has collaborated with a number of his fellow Youtube artists over the last few years.

On Wednesday afternoon he took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us over the phone regarding his music career, what got him started in the industry, his biggest songwriting influence and he even briefly discussed his upcoming EP that he’s currently putting the finishing touches on:

Music-Overload: Thanks for speaking with us today. I’ll start with the obvious, how long have you been around music and what was it that first made you decide you’d like to pursue it as a career?

Eppic: “So I’ve been writing music since I was 11. My sister and my dad were watching 8 Mile and I remember going into the living room and seeing the movie. I wasn’t watching rated-R movies too often back then so it was kind of a new movie to me, and at the very end I remember thinking ‘what is this song? This is pretty amazing.’ I didn’t listen to hip-hop much, I listened to Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, that type of music, and so once I heard Lose Yourself (Eminem’s song in 8 Mile) I started getting really interested in hip-hop, so I went to my room and I started writing.

My whole family thought it was going to be a stage––I thought it was going to be a stage. But somehow, three years later, I was still studying hip-hop, writing and just learning as much as I could. My dad surprised me with Eminem tickets for my 14th birthday. That was the first hip-hop concert that I had ever been to, so it was pretty special. To see the crowd react the way they reacted, and how great the energy was on stage, that was really when I decided I wanted to do music for a living. That was around the time I went and got recording equipment, so even though I’ve been writing for 12 years, I’ve been creating music officially for about nine years now.”

M-O: You said Eminem was your No. 1 inspiration. So when you first started writing, were you leaning more towards Eminem’s writing/rapping style?

Eppic: “Oh yeah. It’s so interesting because I just wanted to copy exactly what he was doing. I had so many different names before I got to Eppic, and I remember the first one was Promo, and––this is so bad––but I remember I completely ripped off the song “My Name Is.” I took that and literally just wrote over it, switched it up and put my name in it. It was pretty bad, but later once I started doing my original stuff he was always who I turned to to get out of my creative block.”

M-O: As a songwriter, do you have a specific approach or process when it comes to writing songs, or is it different for each song?

Eppic: “It’s different each time. Starting off, since I didn’t have any music equipment, I would just write. I wouldn’t have any beat or rhythm, I would just write. And then whenever I did have a beat I would just see how the instrumentation takes it on first, and then I would construct the verses around that. So if there are things that needed to be changed I would change it. But most of the time I come up with content randomly. I could be walking around in the neighborhood or something. Or I could be in the studio with a friend of mine, and we’ll start with instrumentation first and then write around that. So it comes to me at different times, and it usually varies each time.”

M-O: I’ve noticed that a lot of artists have been getting their start on Youtube over the past several years. And a lot of “Youtube famous” artists collaborate together. Would you say that it’s kind of like a second family with Youtube singers/artists?

Eppic: “Yes, most definitely. That’s what I really love about Youtube, even though we’re all doing our own separate thing, were kind of all working together in some way. We all want to help each other out, especially the artists I work with. We can just be like ‘hey I need a rapper for this song, could you help me out?’ And so whenever I have a song that I need a singer for I can just easily hit them up and say ‘hey could you lay down vocals for this? Because you would be perfect for this sound.’

So we’re all helping each other out and it’s cool when a Youtube event comes around and you see those people, and can catch up. When you collab in the studio those relationships get even stronger because we’re creating something that we both do and it’s just special because we can continue to bond and grow over that. So it is like a family.”

M-O: The Youtube phenomenon, if you think about it, is still kind of a little bit new. How do you feel that it’s been changing the music industry over the years?

Eppic: “It has allowed us to be able to create a freedom and do something independently without someone telling us ‘this is what we have to do.’ It’s so cool when you can come across a new artist and say ‘why haven’t they been signed?’ If they’re signed I feel like their sound would change so much. So it’s allowed us to create whatever we want, and then we also have the platform to just release it on our time. There’s no pressure, there’s no schedule that we have to stick to. It’s on our time, and we don’t have anyone breathing down our necks saying ‘you need to create this. Taylor Swift came out with a song like this, we need you to come up with something exactly the same.’ You see a lot of times artists get their albums frozen because the label just says they are going to stop you and the album’s not going to come out.”

M-O: I think another part of it is the fan base that you can build up with Youtube and other social media outlets. What do your fans mean to you?

Eppic: “My fans are so, so important, because I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them. My music wouldn’t be spread around without them. They’re able to take my music and take it to someone that maybe I haven’t reached before, so maybe a friend that isn’t into the Youtube world or is just not big on finding new music. So their friend can tell someone, and then they can tell someone else and it just keeps spreading. So because of that, and all the support and love they have for the songs I put out is pretty incredible.

It’s pretty much the reason why I wake up and do what I do. They send me messages saying ‘thanks for sharing your music with us’ or this and that. So it’s very special, and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be able to do shows, tours and all that stuff. So because of them we are able to get our music out there further.”

M-O: You said that you read all of the messages your fans send you. Do you ever take into consideration any suggestions and/or comments from fans?

Eppic: “Most definitely. I think I take into consideration the ones that I know are regular listeners, the ones that come in and have heard me from the very beginning of releasing stuff on Youtube until now. I take that into consideration because they’re the ones that hear and see my growth. They’ve been on this journey with me. I know I had one fan tell me that I need to have more bass in my vocals, or to try maybe doing this or doing that. I take that to heart.

I love asking my fans what song I should do next. Most of the time it’s just some songs that are so far out of the ballpark that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I still love hearing what songs they may want me to do and I will take it into consideration if there’s something that’s possible. I’ll read the comments, take some time to respond to them and let them know that I do pay attention to what they have to say and that their feedback is important.”

M-O: Are you currently working on any specific projects coming up that you’d like to discuss/promote?

Eppic: “So right now I’m in the process of finishing up a new EP titled Immerse. I don’t have a set date, I don’t know when its going to be. But we’re finally in the stages of getting the mix and getting everything set right and then I’m going to get into the promotional stages, and putting together the promotional videos for it. So it shouldn’t be too much longer but yeah, the Immerse EP is going to be the next project coming out. I’m excited. Five songs, my whole entire journey over the last two years are in it. So it’s pretty much a story, it’s going to follow the places I’ve been, so that’s kind of the whole concept of the EP.”

M-O: Thanks so much for your time today. We are looking forward to the upcoming EP.

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