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Country Duo Dave & Whitney Discuss Recently-Released EP Entitled Alibi
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Up-and-coming Nashville-based country music duo, Dave & Whitney, released a six-song EP entitled Alibi on July 11, 2015, and have been touring around a few different states playing shows all summer. While most music duos/bands play together for years before forming an unbreakable…

Up-and-coming Nashville-based country music duo, Dave & Whitney, released a six-song EP entitled Alibi on July 11, 2015, and have been touring around a few different states playing shows all summer.

While most music duos/bands play together for years before forming an unbreakable bond and perfect chemistry on stage, Dave and Whitney were an instantaneous match the second they met. Just four short months after meeting each other for the first time in a Florida condo, the two Indiana-natives were engaged to get married, and a few months after their marriage Dave and Whitney began touring and playing shows together.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

In addition to the recent release of Alibi, the duo has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in country music, including Florida Georgia Line, Eli Young Band, Randy Houser, David Nail, Jana Kramer and Dustin Lynch, among others.

This past Monday afternoon, despite a very busy schedule, Dave and Whitney took a few minutes out of their day to speak with us regarding how they got started, the success they’ve shared within the country music industry, and their new EP.

Music-Overload: As both a married couple and a team in your country music careers, how have you been able to balance the two aspects together (marriage and career)?

Whitney: “We just got down and prayed and said ‘what’s our path together? What does God want for us?’ And so we decided marriage first, so we got engaged. So we knew once we had our commitment with each other and with God, everything would fall into place. That’s what was meant to be. One month later I was able to quit my job, even financially we were blessed. And in February, we started. We got engaged in December, and in February we did our first 40-day nationwide tour and started doing shows together.”

M-O: Individually, prior to you two meeting for the first time, how did each of you get into music?

Dave: “Whitney’s foundation has always been––and always will be––singing in church. That’s kinda how she got started, and she’s brought that into our marriage and our music. It’s really great.

“As for me, I learned from my dad. My dad’s always played music and he was more of a weekend warrior. He didn’t really make it a career, he has a really great job and has climbed the ladder in his position.

“Whitney and I are a great team, and we feel like we can climb the ladder in our industry with our career.”

M-O: It sounds as if it all (the marriage and the start of your career soon after meeting) happened so fast. In terms of the chemistry between the two of you and being able to work so well together, did that take a little bit of time to develop at all, or did it all come together pretty quickly as well?

Whitney: “Just like any couple, you have to compromise and work on stuff and find whatever ever each other’s love language is so you can work together. Once you learn each other’s love language, anything is possible in a marriage, I believe. The second we met, the chemistry was just wild. Our friends were joking with us, saying stuff like ‘can we please get some air back in this room? You all are literally taking all of it.’

“The first time we ever met it was in a condo in Florida, we were down there together to just kinda go about some music stuff and to vacation. Dave came from 22 hours away, from a show, he came down and met us all. We played a show in Jacksonville, Florida, and then came down to Daytona. It was literally the second we met that the bond and chemistry started working.”

Dave: “It was like a chemistry experiment. It felt like we were putting together a chemistry experiment, and then when all the smoke cleared, boom, there it was.”

M-O: You just came out with your debut EP, Alibi, can you tell us a little bit about it? Did you co-write the songs?

Dave: “Yeah, we sure did! We wrote three of the songs on the album, and then three of them are real good songs from some of the best writers in the industry right now.”

Whitney: “Yes, what an amazing opportunity. We were so honored that they would pitch these songs and allow us to do them and to represent their music as No. 1 writers in the industry, who write for stars such as Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood.”

M-O: Obviously it was only just released, but have you received any great feedback or exciting opportunities as a result of the success of the EP so far?

Dave: “Oh yes. Our email inbox is just blowing up. It’s really cool, and a blessing.”

Whitney: “We got one from a lady who writes reviews in the music industry, and it was really cool, she reviewed our single Alibi. She goes ‘Alibi? Wow. Any person who writes about desperate housewives in a song is a keeper in my book.’ “

Dave: “And then she compared it to Carrie Underwood’s Two Black Cadillacs and Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead. It’s really cool seeing our name and our songs out there like that.”

Whitney: “We got to open up for the Eli Young Band.”

M-O: Yes, what was it like opening up for Eli Young Band? I believe I read somewhere that EYB is one of your favorite country music bands.

Whitney: “We were really excited when we found out because we just couldn’t believe it.”

Dave: “That was actually our first amphitheater show, so it was really exciting for us to play for that many people.”

Whitney: “It was a learning experience, and it was such a humbling experience all at the same time. It keeps you grounded to your roots. We think of it––our relationship, marriage and music, even––like a tree, and if you ever think of a tree with no roots, it will not stand up without its roots. So that’s kind of how we like to think of it.”

M-O: You’ve shared the stage with some other pretty big acts in the country music industry. But would you say opening for EYB is the biggest show you’ve had so far?

Whitney: “It was the biggest stage performance that we’ve ever done. Artist-wise, I don’t know if you can actually say that, because I don’t really want to compare anyone. But we’ve done Sara Evans, Florida Georgia Line, Randy Houser, Dustin Lynch they were all pretty amazing to work with.”

M-O: Without a record label and a large-scale management team, it sounds like you two are doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work yourself. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced, career-wise?

Whitney: “Time is our biggest challenge. If there’s a major battle that we battle every day, it’s not having enough time to getting all the stuff done––emails, phone calls, pushing our music to get played at radio stations. Some radio stations won’t even let you (have your music played) without a record label.”

Dave: “Yeah that’s been a bit of a road block. Some of the smaller radio stations can forward our name on to some of the bigger radio stations, and sometimes we’ve been lucky and they’ve started playing our songs (regionally). But a lot of radio stations it’s really hard to, without a label, unless it’s a friend of a friend.”

M-O: Now that you have that first EP released, and you’re out there playing shows, do you have any longer-term goals for your career? Or even just a next move?

Dave: “The biggest thing is really just trying to get people to hear and share our music. Since we’re independent, we get to track all of our stats from the website, and our social media outlets. We get to analyze the numbers ourselves, and every time we get on the radio the numbers on our website have doubled. They actually double from radio stations promoting our show(s), and our reach ends up being a lot further than it was before.”

Whitney: “Not only that, but also from promoting our new album, or new songs. People just realize who we are, so our next goal is to get on radio tours and just to continue with playing shows.”

The full six-song Alibi EP can be found on both iTunes and Spotify, and for upcoming tour dates (they duo is currently playing shows in Indiana) check out this link on their website.

Be sure to check out Dave & Whitney on social media as well, to follow any news and announcements regarding their music career. The links are listed below:

Alibi on Spotify


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