Country/Pop Artist Bethany Becker Discusses Her Music Career & Her Upcoming Album

Bethany Becker is an up-and-coming country music singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. About five months ago she released an EP that has seen plenty of success, including a few award nominations. Bethany took a few minutes out of her busy schedule…

Bethany Becker is an up-and-coming country music singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. About five months ago she released an EP that has seen plenty of success, including a few award nominations.

Bethany took a few minutes out of her busy schedule on Tuesday afternoon to speak with us over the phone regarding her blossoming career and how she’s managed to balance her music career with her studies. And there was even a little talk about her next album.

Music-Overload: Hey Bethany, could you start out by telling us a little bit about your musical upbringing and what first got you started in music?

Bethany Becker: “Growing up I watched a lot of Disney channel, and on the Disney channel everybody had to sing––everyone was like a rockstar. So that was around the time I first wanted to sing and be in the music business. And then after that I discovered Taylor Swift, who really introduced me to country music and got me interested in songwriting. I was technically around songwriting my entire life, just kind of making up little songs. But when I was about 12 or 13 I decided to take myself seriously and got involved with the organization AMTC (Actors, Models & Talent for Christ). They helped me make some really good connections in the music industry and I just started meeting and connecting with more and more people. They really helped me get to the point where I am right now.

M-O: So when you first got into songwriting, you’d say that Taylor Swift was your biggest influence/inspiration?

Bethany: Oh yes, definitely.

M-O: Back in February you officially released your three-song EP titled Maybe More. It’s had quite a bit of success so far. What would you say one of the biggest things, professionally, that came from the EP following its release?

Bethany: “So far it’s really helped me establish myself as an artist, and a lot of cool things have come from it. It was nominated for a few Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and the music video (for the song Maybe More) has gained over 100,000 views on Youtube. And I recently just signed a contract with Spectra Music Group, as a result from the EP.”

M-O: As you just mentioned, two of the songs from the EP were nominated for HMMA awards. What was that honor and experience like for you?

Bethany: “It was at that point that the press side of things started to really pick up. It started getting a lot more views, and a lot more people began getting interested. That was a major turning point in terms of getting the music out there.”

M-O: Since you’re currently still in high school, do you find it challenging being able to balance both your work load at school and your music career?

Bethany: “It is a little bit. Actually when I decided that I wanted to take the music seriously, I became kind of home-school/private-schooled, so I don’t have the typical high school schedule where I’m there eight hours a day all week. I am taking dual-credit classes at community college, so it definitely helps not always having to be there. Especially when I have to be out of town. But it hasn’t been that bad, I’ve managed to not let either one suffer at the case of the other.”

M-O: Do you have plans to pursue college after graduation, or would you like to devote 100% of your time to continuing with your music career?

Bethany: “I am definitely wanting to put 100% in to music. Right now I’m trying to figure out if I can put 100% into the music, and also put college in there as well. I’m hoping that’s going to work out, but if it doesn’t I think my music will be first.”

M-O: You’ve been playing a lot of shows recently. What’s one of the biggest things you feel you gain from live performances rather than just singing in a recording studio?

Bethany: “Well I’ve always loved performing. That’s initially what helped me fall in love with music, because I just love to sing and I wanted to be on stage. The energy from the crowds and connecting with people, rather than just sitting in the studio and knowing that people will hear it but I won’t be able to actually see them and hear them. That is the major difference, is that there are actually people there that are sitting and listening to the music, and it’s not just numbers on a screen.”

M-O: We see that you have a new single you’re coming out with soon. Can you talk a little bit about it, or were you trying to keep it under wraps until its release?

Bethany: “Yes, I can talk a little bit about it. It’s actually not going to be a single anymore––it’s going to be a full-on album. The single will be on it, but it’s turning into a full album. I’m really excited about that. I’ve been working on it really hard and I can’t wait to share it with everybody. I’m not going to give away too much right now, but I’m definitely excited.”

M-O: Is there a release date set yet?

Bethany: “I’m still working on the songs, but I’m aiming for some time in January. I can’t say that for certain yet, though.”

Bethany is currently playing a lot of shows locally around her hometown of Austin, Texas. If you’d like to know of any upcoming dates for these shows, be sure to check out her official website here.

Also feel free to give her a follow on her numerous social media outlets to keep up with her career:


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