Music Overload is a website owned and launched by 23-year old aspiring sports and music/entertainment writer Ben Heck on May 4, 2015.

The goal of the website is to provide up-and-coming artists/bands with a platform to showcase their talent. We will also be giving established artists and bands an opportunity to share their story, and love for music, with their fans.

We cover all genres of music: rock/alternative, pop, hip-hop, country, EDM, acoustic, reggae, classical. You name it, we’ve got it.

We’ll be bringing you year-round news, features, interviews/spotlights, single and album releases, concert dates, music videos and covers.

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M-O Staff

Ben Heck, Founder/Owner & Executive Editor

At age 23, Ben is a full-time college student attempting to finish his communications degree at Salisbury University (located in Salisbury, Maryland). Upon graduation from college in December 2015, Ben plans on busting through the front doors of the sports OR music/entertainment media industry and he is already well on his way to doing so with the valuable writing, reporting and interviewing experience he’s accumulated across several websites over the last few years.

He created the football-oriented website, All-Out Blitz, five years ago and has interviewed 50+ prominent figures across the NFL, AFL, NCAA, high school and youth football scene and has published over 1,000 articles on the site. Back in December 2014 he also launched a baseball-oriented website, Ahead in the Count, which has seen its fair share of success so far as well.

He also has had sports writing experience with Inside the Os (intern/writer during summer of 2012), Orioles-Nation (contributing writer from October 2013-August 2014) and has had articles published on Bleacher Report and ArmchairGM. He’s currently the Philadelphia Soul columnist for Arena Insider (a recently-launched Arena Football League site).

As for music/entertainment writing and reporting experience, Music-Overload is the first time Ben will be getting his feet wet in the music/entertainment industry. But he hopes to bring you original and insightful content with this project.

You can follow Ben on a number of different social media accounts, such as Twitter (@benheckAOB) and Instagram (@beneheck7), add him as a friend on Facebook or just feel free to shoot him an email at

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If you’re interested in joining our music/entertainment coverage team, be sure to reach out to us via email or send us a message/DM on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always open to adding passionate, talented writers to expand our coverage.

Thanks for checking us out, and be sure to come back often!

*Editor’s Note: Please be patient with us, as this page is still a work in progress. Thank you!*

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